Thursday, February 14, 2008

Live enthusiastically and you'll live successfully

Live life enthusiastically:

Dale Carnegie often called this principle the little known secret of success.

If someone is enthusiastic, it’s an energy builder. They can sell their ideas and ultimately accomplish more than they could with just their intelligence.

History is full of stories of people who overcame difficulties and achieved great success simply because they were enthusiastic about their job, their project or even just enthusiastic about living another day to it’s fullest.


Act happy: Too many people condition themselves to be negative. They are afraid that they will be seen as too forward or aggressive. Enthusiasm eventually becomes real, others pick up on this enthusiasm, become excited themselves and then feed their enthusiasm back. It becomes a beautiful circle of energy.

Create a mission and a vision: People get much more excited when they see the big picture. People are more enthusiastic about achieving quality and high productivity if they know the importance of their work in light of the big picture, and, how their contribution makes a big difference.

Give people the opportunity to be enthusiastic: Good ideas are not limited to those with decades of experience or graduate degrees. Encouraging employees to come up with new ideas for the company or to improve their own work can lead to great success.

Don’t criticize, condemn or complain: And, don’t put up with people who do. Just walk out of the room and say you refuse to let another’s negativity affect your enthusiasm. Consciously decide to create positive enthusiasm.

Keep perspective: Life is too short to just put up with negativity. Have some fun with life. See the excitement in every situation. Be enthusiastic about the chance to make a difference with even your smallest actions. Smile, hold the elevator door, let another driver into traffic…even these simple actions can make a difference in others lives. And, that’s something to be enthusiastic about.

Till next time, keep that enthusiasm bubbling.


Keshi said...

Im not after that kind of 'professional' success Amit :)

To me success means having an ability to really do something for someone else and be truly happy abt it. Cos I think for most ppl thats harder than achieving an MBA hehe.


messys musings said...

amit! im so sorry... couldnt get in touch with u... was with a huge gang of people... and im sorry i left without meeting you... it was really hectic (even though i was there for 14 days!)...

n that place is bur dubai near the museum (clicks now?)... i was living in deira though...

ketki said...

well...yes, enthusiasm does not get the importance it deserves