Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God's Greatness

When I asked God ( Must Read )

When I asked God

When I Asked God for Strength

He Gave Me Difficult Situations to Face

When I Asked God for Brain & Brown

He Gave Me Puzzles in Life to Solve

When I Asked God for Happiness

He Showed Me Some Unhappy People

When I Asked God for Wealth

He Showed Me How to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Favors

He Showed Me Opportunities to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Peace

He Showed Me How to Help Others

God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted

He Gave Me Everything I Needed

Thank You,God!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy You

If you start out having a good day and you're in that particular happy feeling, as long as you don't allow something to change your mood, you're going to continue to attract, by the law of
attraction, more situations and people that sustain that happy feeling....Bob Doyle in 'The Secret'.

The Secret-one book which has really inspired me the most in the last few months. The Law of Attraction-explained so lucidly throughout the book. For example, think of the above sentence- the example they've given is of getting up in the morning,and, stubbing your toe against the bed or the chair. You say a few 'nice' words, you go to brush-an excess of toothpaste comes out-you feel wilder still. And, feel sure it's going to be a bad day. More thoughts like this and slowly, you find only such thoughts and such events happening.

But, imagine switching your thought that first time in the morning-and, having a good laugh at your clumsiness/half-asleep state of mind. That makes you feel light-hearted. Stare in the mirror and you grin at yourself. More good things to follow.The day goes well-you go to sleep,feeling well-rested. Like I am, right now!!haha!Cheerio!! Have a great day tomorrow and the day after and the day after......

Thursday, September 24, 2009


"Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’."- Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

There you go- very small, but, very thought-provoking.

I often think-when I tell someone'I'll try'- am I really going to try my best? Or, am I convinced it can't be done and I'll do it half-heartedly with a preconceived notion that it can't be done? I mean, if you know you can do something, why would you tell anyone that you'll 'try'? It's only when you have doubts that you cannot do it, that you use the 'try' word.

I learnt this in my previous company- the big boss was always crystal clear- and, after 1-2 talks with him, I'd changed my tune to either saying 'Yes, it can be done' or, 'No, it cannot be done'- and, that was more appreciated than the 'let me look into it', 'let me recheck/crosscheck', 'let me try/ try once again'...

Try it(Haha,but, not with any doubt)- I'm sure you'll be more successful by saying to yourself 'I'll do it', when the next challenge comes your way. Good luck!!!:)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Psyche

Your thoughts on this, please?I'm still trying to judge whether this quote is as simple as it seems, or there's a deep-rooted meaning to it. I'm sure it's the latter. Will edit the post later to reflect my view.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Very simple, yet,very true!I think hardly any day passes when, at the end of it,either at work or at home, I feel that I should have done a,b,c...things.
But,is it worth it to brood over it and spoilt another few minutes of this precious life? Move ON!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm sure you agree!:)Think of your workplace, specially.People want to know what everyone else is doing, they want to comment on what is wrong with everyone else is doing, how they should be doing it,etc. Ask these people a query about their own work and they're clueless!:)

Ah well, even these people add to the charm of everyday worklife!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Live and Learn

Hehe! A bit tough, for those of us who are traditionally of the loyal type. But,it's a truth in today's world. They need you, they keep you. You need them, you stay there. No two buts about it. Tomorrow, if you have an accident and are unable to perform your tasks, who'll take care of you? Your company? Haha!Joke of the day!Harsh but true!

Monday, September 7, 2009


This pic is currently my inspirational desktop pic as well. Is there any part of this pic that is not inspirational?
- The blue background-serene, bringing a sense of calmness.
- The boat on the backwaters-reminds me to stop resisting if it's not necessary(Read'ego')- go with the tide, everything automatically falls into place.
-'Rediscover your own backyard'-tells me to look at my favourite place, Baroda once again..hehe!
-'There is a lot about our country that we have yet to explore'-tells me that life's a never-ending voyage of discovery.'Our country' represents our world.
- 'The seamless transition of blue is broken only by the gentle wrinkles created by the lone boatsman,making his way home'-the lines remind me that there're 'wrinkles' in everyday life, and how we float past them is what makes all the difference.
- The calendar reminds me that time is ticking by- so stop pondering over the trivial stuff.
- Lastly-' Incredible! India'- need I say more? *smiles*. Amen!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The story of our lives- at any stage,we keep oohing and aahing for the next one.So, think over it- why not appreciate where we are, as of this moment,what we have, and what we need to be thankful for, rather than cribbing?

Photo 1:

Have Time + Energy …but No Money

Photo 2:

Working Age:

Have Money + Energy …but No Time

Photo 3:

Old age:

Have Time + Money …but no Energy


Believe me,it works!!I've been able to make the grumpiest people smile, by continuing my 'smile crusade' --smile at them everyday till their frown disappears.The latest person was one of the cashiers at a restaurant here.:)Try it and tell me the results the next day.