Monday, September 7, 2009


This pic is currently my inspirational desktop pic as well. Is there any part of this pic that is not inspirational?
- The blue background-serene, bringing a sense of calmness.
- The boat on the backwaters-reminds me to stop resisting if it's not necessary(Read'ego')- go with the tide, everything automatically falls into place.
-'Rediscover your own backyard'-tells me to look at my favourite place, Baroda once again..hehe!
-'There is a lot about our country that we have yet to explore'-tells me that life's a never-ending voyage of discovery.'Our country' represents our world.
- 'The seamless transition of blue is broken only by the gentle wrinkles created by the lone boatsman,making his way home'-the lines remind me that there're 'wrinkles' in everyday life, and how we float past them is what makes all the difference.
- The calendar reminds me that time is ticking by- so stop pondering over the trivial stuff.
- Lastly-' Incredible! India'- need I say more? *smiles*. Amen!!

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