Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The price of excellence is discipline.  The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.

William Arthur Ward

Now,that's another inspirational though, if I may say so. Maybe you'll say-so what's new? That's what every management book says. But, stop. Think it over. How many times a day do you try and excel at whatever you're doing, and, how many times do you slump into mediocrity, due to factors both external and internal? From times a day, go to a week a month, a year...and, you'll realize that instead of grabbing at each opportunity to excel, you tend to veer towards mediocrity most of the time. 

Just think why this must be happening. You feel jealous of someone. You feel ignored at work. Or insulted at work / home. Or, you feel ostracized because someone in your family treats you shabbily. Maybe, over a period of time, you have just developed a low self of self-esteem and are sure that whatever you do, it is bound to fail. And, once such negativity seeps in, it's there to stay. Until, yes, until you make up your mind to change. And, don't try to change the world first. Change yourself. Internally. If you have a high I factor(Read'ego'), don't need not let people outside yourself know that you are trying to change, to move to excel. But,slowly and surely, make an effort. Chide yourself each time something you do is below your set level of excellence. And, soon, you'll find a mega change in you. And, with this change, will come a change in people around you. More respect, more friendliness and, of course, sometimes,more jealousy. But, treat all of it as a part of the game of life. A game which you have to win!!

Whew-need I say more? 

(Incidentally,I needed the above thoughts myself, today, for some, I guess the first one to get inspired by this post is lil me!!:)Cheerio and Happy Excellence!

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