Monday, May 25, 2009

How you look at things

Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to.
Good or Bad; Simple or Complicated; Easy or Difficult.

Its not how things are; its about how you look up to them.
…and how you look up to them is all up to you.....Pravssword

Now,isn't that also the truth and nothing but the absolute truth? Looking back at events of the last few days/weeks,I am's my way of looking at things which made them look simple, complicated,good,bad...a case of judgement rather than intuition..If I have a preconceived notion that something or someone's not good, then, whatever they do, always seems to be wrong.On the other hand, put yourself in that person's shoes and think-and, the right answers don't take time to come along! 


yamini meduri said...

beautiful Amit..!!!
life is not the way it is
It is the way we look at it

Aquarius said...

yep Amit...agreed... sometimes your mind becomes the limiting factor and its completely affects your judgment.

At that point you need family and friends to break you from that vicious cycle. Definitely, our choices now will decide our future. Inspite of that I feel there are some exernal factors on which you do not have any control which play a major role in 'How you look at something'.

So the external factors influence your judgement quite a bit.