Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Deeds

This one line says such a lot. Firstly, the good deed part-yes,so many people just keep talking and saying "I have his or her best interests at heart always" and so on. But, these thoughts never translate into action, rendering them as good as no thoughts at all.

If one is really serious, why not try and do one good deed a day? If nothing else, just give a 1 Re coin to  a beggar. Or, bow your head when you pass a temple(If you can stop and pray with folded hands, that's even better) or your religious place of worship.  The deed should not be a compulsion-then, the very purpose is gone- it has to come from the heart, selflessly, with no selfish motive behind it.:)

Similarly, how many times do we keep thinking 'I think I'll do this', or, 'I'm planning to...'---and the thoughts and plans continue, till it's too late and nothing really gets achieved.

So, wake up(jaago re?) and

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