Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is something a colleague had told me, in the first month of my arrival in Dxb. He said' please be careful-people are known to come here, they go crazy, losing their health to make wealth, and then losing their wealth to make up their health'...and, I totally agree- so many people get lifestyle illnesses,courtesy the mad urge to rush,rush,rush all the time.Isn't it high time we put a brake on things, slowed down, enjoyed all that nature has given us, FOC(free of cost) and stopped thinking of getting that car,that LED TV,that laptop,that cellphone...and,then,in a few months, thinking of replacing these things again,with the latest technology products....and, this materialistic thinking comes a full circle. And, it's not just here-I see it now in India,too,whenever I'm there.Believe me, I've seen people from the 'supposedly' lower strata of society, like watchmen, sweepers,even beggars-looking happier than those who earn in the thousands or lakhs every day. A sad fact of the materialistic world, I'd say-do you agree? And, if you do, what'll you do about it?Me,I want to be back to the simple life, and the sooner the better...just waiting for The Secret to work, as always.:)Cheerio and good luck.

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