Friday, October 17, 2008


"You can't change others as easily as you can change yourself"

Frankly, that was the most inspirational thought I've seen this week. We spend a major part of our lives, specially when we are working, in trying to comment on others, their work, what they are doing wrong, how they should improve, etc etc. But, have you ever given a thought to yourself? Are you perfect? Do others see you as perfect? So, why not make an effort to change yourself first?Think about a good word for everyone, say a good word to everyone, resist that effort to make a taunt!You'll close the day, feeling much better than you did!Believe me, I tried it and it works! Well,sometimes, anyway. There are days when negativity around me ends up making me also feel below ground level!But,then, that's another challenge of life that I have to face!


V. Archana said...

true...people dont realise their own mistake,but are ready at pointing out others faults,back biting, gossiping etc. Nice one.

Solitaire said...

People rarely admit that they need to change. They usually think they are perfect.

yamini meduri said...

every word is true..... ppl rarely beliee teven they commit mistakes..but they are very busy finding faults with others that they dont actually think abt themselves