Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stand Up

The sooner we realize this, the better it is. I agree-sometimes, it's not feasible or sensible to stand up for something, even if we feel the opposite person is wrong- it might be due to etiquette or respect. But, not standing up and speaking your mind at all, leads people to think that you're a weakling. That you've no thoughts of your own, that you always tend to go the 'Bhed Chaal'- like a herd of sheep- one leads, the rest follow.

Simple thought, great meaning!!What's your interpretation, people?


yamini meduri said...

nice lines...but i think its not good to stand every time..!! it can get you problems..!!!

its from my experience.....everytime you stand, you tend to loose something special to you..!!!

AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini-I agree- not every time.But,this one was for people who never stand up even when the opposite person is wrong!!I know so many people who just accept abuses, even though it might not be their fault..:)

rahul said...

I completely agree with Amit,people just don't want to take that step , just too lazy or coward!!!

Ritu said...

I am all for being honest... If its respect that wants you to not say it, then I would lessen the impact by putting it in an nonoffensive way, but I am one of those who would just HAVE to say it... Accepting abuse is a bigger crime than committing it

yamini meduri said...

i always agree with you....coz i stand all the time....!!!

i am very good fighting with someone who is going wrong and at the last i wud get my coal accomplished and every time it happens i am happy..!!!

but the only thing is that every time i do it, i have got more enemies than friends...Good is followed by bad all the time..hehehe...!!!