Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time of the Lack of it

Plan...Organize...yes,the key words...Without boasting, let me say- I do have a daily planner...I reach office and list out all the pending things that I need to do, during the day and the coming day(s)...including meetings planned, meetings to be called, and then, I prioritize. Well, this helps to a certain extent. But, there are days when the day ends and I wonder what I have done during the day, since my list has hardly one activity crossed out. And, the answer is- chaos...chaos of the external kind- many other factors and people take up my time...things I didn't think were a problem, become one and I have to find a solution.

But, yes...the fact remains- if I feel I have 'no time', it's my fault and no-one else's. Because, with planning, should also come intuition..thinking 'out of the box', anticipating which project will demand attention where and a never ending learning upwards curve...I just love it!!

Frustrations be damned!!:)(And, I can say such famous last lines only on Thursdays, with a two day weekend coming up...hehe!)

Need I say more? (Yamini, haha- it seems like I'm going to make this my last line in most posts- just like 'keep on smiling' is my line in my main blog)


yamini meduri said...

Time...something we always have but never realize that we do...we always complain that the 24hrs is not enough...!!!

n the pic that you added is the best of all the pics that i have seen till date explaining abt the importance of making time available for every one important in our lives..!!!

and abt the last lines....haha..if you write it every time...i feel glad rreading it...coz eveyr time you will write my name na....its a great feeling to see your name on someothers blog..!!!

nyways nice write up dear..!!!

AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini-it's so true,na?We just keep saying that we don't have time,but,if we analyze how a day went,we find that more than half of the day was spent in doing unwanted things..:)Hehe!!That said,it's great when time flies by,of course.