Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Words are a heavy thing...they weigh you down. If birds talked, they couldn't fly. ----- Sy Rosen and Christian Williams, Northern Exposure, On Your Own, 1992
Now, is that a fact or isn't that a fact? I guess it'd be a matter of opinion. Where a person like me is concerned, I prefer to be the observer at most group gatherings or parties or whatever, and listen to people 'weighing themselves down'..:)And, this is not a recent happening- I've been this way since school fact, when I used to make a statement in our friends' circle, their reaction would be 'yeh hit maarta hai to zabardast hoti hai'....ROFL...that's what comes when you first listen,make your observations and then speak what you want to!!Instant reactions usually cause a lot of heartburn,specially when spoken in the heat of the moment, only to be regretted later.
On a side thought- does it mean that calling someone  'birdbrain' is a compliment?

Need I say more?:)


Arunima said...

>>If birds talked, they couldn't fly
Gr8 saying..heard it 4 d first time. Thanks 4 sharing it.

So u r an Observer huh!

yamini meduri said...

i thought you are an observer..your work says it all...!!!

nice one yaar..!!!

no, not needed to onserve and we will read..!!!