Friday, January 16, 2009


This one's for all those moments when we feel that we're a burden on earth, that everyone except us is happy...and,people like me,at those times also wonder whether my existence is justified...I'll surely keep this one in mind and think of the near and dear ones who'd be affected by my absence, the next time I feel d in the d.(Down in the Dumps)

As an afterthought, I'm wondering- doesn't positivity begin at home?i.e. How can you spread positivity when you are feeling negative internally? You really can't, and, the hollowness would show through in some way or the other.

So, those reading this, think over it and tell me- what made you feel positive today?:)And, if you aren't feeling positive, can you think of someone or something will make you feel so in the near future?Good luck!!

It reminds me of my favourite positivity book' You Can Win' by Shiv Khera...all the examples, all the words written in it- are meant to make you feel positive!!Hats off to the author!I've never identified with any other book as well as I have with this one. And,btw, there's a website too, for those wanting to join!Here's the link.

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yamini_meduri said...

Nice one Amit....!!!

when you talk about 'You Can Win' i like the way the Mr.Khera explained every thing with those simple yet beautiful stories..!!!

those stories which taught us lessons not only in the book but also in our real life...!!!

Nice post Amit....keep going...!!!