Monday, January 19, 2009


I think I needed this thought today- it's come at just the right time, since I was getting bogged down by an overload of work since the past few days, and was wondering whether it was all worth it. And, the answer comes- yes, of course. The last lines- namely, to do whatever, whenever, wherever, for as long as I can,with whatever I have- say it all.And, finally, the real pleasure in life comes from trying to make a difference for others.

But then, here, I'd add, make a difference for others, but not at the cost of your own dignity,your happiness. What you do has to come from the heart, genuinely. Just because 'society says so', is no reason, is it?Take Care! 


yamini meduri said...

nice one Amit....!!!!

i think i have search for some other words to praise your work here on this blog.....coz everytime i say the same has become routine....:D!!!!

Vipul said...

Great work buddy that is so true! What makes us different from others is the difference we make in others lives