Friday, January 9, 2009


Sooner or later,we learn this simple home's just the way it was meant to be. Even I used to hate or dislike some people in the past. And, it never really achieved anything except my own self feeling those hate lines running all over. Instead, a much better way is to get along with them-you need not be bosom buddies,I agree-but,you can always be acquaintances,na?

I also came to a simple conclusion-if the situation persists, and the opposite person continues to needle you,well, just ignore them or avoid them. Talk to others with a smile on your face.Such people get more encouragement when they see you wilting or reacting to their provocations.Do you agree?

And,let's not forget-life's too short,as it is!Why spend precious moments in envy,anger,hatred?:)

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yamini meduri said...

wow.....nice lines Amit...!!!

when i read the first para....i thought you were wrong coz' every person has some reason for hating someone.....but by the end of the second was a changed opinion....and by the time i completed was all changed....the last lines were just wonderful....thanks for those words dear...!!!

Keep the good work going my dear...all the best....!!!