Thursday, January 22, 2009

MTV Roadies

Hi,all!! Are you watching the latest edition of  MTV Roadies? It's a show on MTV, naturally. First, there were auditions all over India(more on them some other time) now, the selected 'toughies' are going about doing their tasks.

What inspired me was their task last week. They were taken to Pushkar in Rajasthan(Love the place), where a huge Pushkar Fair takes place every year. The task? They were divided into two teams, and, each team had to collect dung-yes,that icky,ughy dung lying on the ground. Further, each team had two divisions-one for dry dung and another for wet dung. And, the reactions from the players, on hearing the task, ranged from wrinkled up noses, to astonishment to ..:) Just wondering how they would even touch something that is deemed soooo.....ughly!

And, after the task, their reactions? One said' Each time we saw a mound of dung, it was like we found a treasure'. Another said' I was more pleased to see dung than I was pleased to see gold in the past'. Other descriptions were so ughly, I don't want to describe them can probably see the video on the MTV link above,or, on youtube.:)

What I found inspiring: What the show does- people's built in inhibitions, people's attitudes, the' I'm great' thought- everything's brought down to normal levels. No task is beneath one's (false) dignity. You might have been brought up in the lap of luxury, so what? 

There are massive ego clashes(as there are in life), but, finally, they know, if they want to win, teamwork is what will least, till the last 2 are left- then, it's one for all and all for one.
Again,that's like the proverbial 'survival of the fittest'!!

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